‘Money Heist’ Spin-off Series ‘Berlin’ Gets First Teaser Out

Netflix popular series Money Heist is gearing up for a spin-off, Berlin.

Netflix has announced that we are returning to the world of high-stakes heist with a new set of series, Berlin.

Money Heist is a highly popular series that enjoys a strong fanbase across countries, It revolves around a mastermind, named Professor, and his gang as they try to figure out a massive heist. The series was successful for five seasons and is now a part of popular culture. Its spin-off is now on its way. Berlin, as the show is called, will premiere on Netflix in December 2023.

The new spinoff series focuses on the character known in the original series as Berlin, played by Pedro Alonso. It’s expected to be a prequel series delving into the past lives (and loves) of the arrogant gentleman thief.

There’s not a lot of information disclosed, however looking at the announcement video it seems Berlin’s mark would be precious jewels.

Alonso will be joined by Michelle Jenner, Tristan Ulloa, Begona Vargas, Julio Pena Fernandez and Joel Sanchez.

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