Mary Elizabeth Winstead Teases Hera’s Journey in Ahsoka Season 2

As the anticipation builds for the second season of Disney+‘s Ahsoka, Mary Elizabeth Winstead, the talented actress behind Hera Syndulla, shares her hopes for her character’s evolution in the forthcoming installment.

During an exclusive interview with ET at the premiere of her new series A Gentleman in Moscow, Winstead, alongside husband Ewan McGregor, discussed what they envision for the highly awaited season.

While McGregor humorously admitted he’s in the dark about Season 2, Winstead expressed her desire to delve deeper into Hera’s relationships, particularly with the notorious Thrawn, and to explore the psychological warfare within the narrative.

With Variety confirming the renewal of Ahsoka for a second season under the direction of Dave Filoni, details have remained scarce since January.

Ahsoka season 2

In the debut season, viewers witnessed Rosario Dawson’s Ahsoka Tano battling Grand Admiral Thrawn to safeguard the galaxy, setting the stage for further developments.

Both McGregor and Winstead expressed enthusiasm for Hera’s potential involvement in more action-packed sequences, echoing fans’ desires based on Winstead’s past performances.

Transitioning to their latest project, “A Gentleman in Moscow,” where McGregor portrays Alexander Rostov and Winstead stars as Anna Urbanova, the couple shared insights into their immersive experience portraying characters from a different era.

For Winstead and McGregor, the collaborative process of inhabiting their roles injected a playful energy into their dynamic, enriching their shared on-set experiences.

As they gear up for the premiere of A Gentleman in Moscow on Paramount+ with Showtime, fans eagerly await the return of Ahsoka for another thrilling chapter in the Star Wars universe.

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