Manzi el’s Upcoming Untold: Johnny Football on Netflix

Netflix, the streaming giant renowned for delivering captivating stories across various genres, has once again set its sights on the realm of sports documentaries. This time, the spotlight is on Untold: Johnny Football, a riveting exploration of the life and career of the enigmatic quarterback, Johnny Manziel. With its intricate storytelling and candid insights, the documentary delves deep into the highs and lows of the athlete’s journey, shedding light on the complexities behind the persona known as Johnny Football.

Where To Watch Manzi el’s Upcoming Untold: Johnny Football on Netflix

A documentary titled “Johnny Football” is available on Netflix. However, it’s important to note that new content is regularly added to streaming platforms like Netflix.

To find out if “Johnny Football” is available on Netflix, you can follow these steps:

  1. Visit Netflix: Go to the Netflix website or open the Netflix app on your device.
  2. Search for the Title: Use the search function within Netflix and type in “Johnny Football” to see if it’s available.
  3. Browse Categories: Explore relevant categories such as “Sports Documentaries,” “Biographical Documentaries,” or similar sections where such content might be listed.
  4. Check Recently Added: Netflix often highlights recently added shows and movies. Look in this section to see if “Johnny Football” has been added since my last update.
  5. Use External Sources: If you can’t find any information on Netflix itself, you can try searching online entertainment news sources, Netflix-related blogs, or social media platforms to see if there’s any recent information about the availability of “Johnny Football” on Netflix.

Please keep in mind that availability can vary based on your region, and new content may have been added since my last update.

About Johnny Manziels

Whether a fan favorite or a subject of controversy, Johnny Manziel has always evoked strong emotions among football enthusiasts. Now, after more than seven years since his NFL journey concluded, the extraordinary tale of the Texas A&M icon is about to unfold in an upcoming Netflix documentary.

Untold: Johnny Football

Back in 2012, a relatively unknown freshman quarterback named Johnny Manziel took the sports world by storm, earning the Heisman Trophy for Texas A&M and gaining the moniker ‘Johnny Football.’ His dynamic on-field performance was matched only by his exuberant off-field lifestyle. However, as fame and attention surged, Manziel’s trajectory took an unexpected turn.

Manziel uploaded a picture on Instagram. In the picture, there was a football with Untold: Johnny Football on Netflix written on it, which connects to his nickname from college. Also, there was a note from Netflix saying, “There will never be another Johnny Football.” The picture also showed that the documentary will come out on August 8th.

Volume 3 of the ‘Untold’ Series

The upcoming movie will join the lineup of Volume 3 in the ‘Untold’ on Netflix documentary series. This series has previously covered significant sports narratives like the Manti Te’o girlfriend hoax and the 2004 Malice at the Palace incident. Alongside the exploration of Johnny Manziel’s story, the new series installment will also feature documentaries on the transformation of social media influencer Jake Paul into a boxer, the steroid distributor Victor Conte, and the University of Florida football team. This team secured national championships while also making headlines for off-field controversies in the early 2000s.

A Glimpse into Johnny Manziel’s Brief NFL Career

Johnny Manziel’s time in the NFL was a roller-coaster ride full of challenges that stopped him from dally well. He got picked by the Cleveland Browns as the 22nd overall pick in 2014. But things didn’t go smoothly.

Untold: Johnny Football

At the start, he got in trouble and had to pay a big fine during a practice game. When he played, he often got tackled and his team lost a lot. He also got hurt, so he couldn’t play much that season.

Next year, he got into trouble outside of the game, like going to Las Vegas and other issues. He was also investigated for hurting his ex-girlfriend.

Because of all these problems, the Browns let him go in 2016. He played only 14 games and didn’t do too well. Even though some other teams were interested in him, his actions off the field made it hard for them to want him.

Untold: Johnny Football

After the 2015 season, he couldn’t find another team in the NFL to play for. So he played in different football leagues. In 2018, he was in the Canadian Football League. Then he played in a different team in 2019. Now, he’s playing in a new league called Fan Controlled Football, as the quarterback for the Zappers.

So, even though his NFL journey was tough, Johnny Manziel is still playing football and trying to make a fresh start.


In Johnny Manziel’s story, we see how being a sports star isn’t always easy. From his exciting time in college to the tough moments in the NFL, his journey has had many ups and downs. The ‘Untold’ on Netflix is showing his story, but it’s not just about football – it’s about challenges, learning, and trying again.

Through this documentary, we learn that even famous people like Manziel face difficulties. The show talks about how being famous can be tough and how it’s important to take care of our feelings. Untold Johnny Football is a chance to look beyond the headlines and see the real person behind them.

So, when we watch this show on Netflix, we’re not just watching football – we’re learning about being human. It teaches us about struggles, growth, and getting another chance. Just like in sports, in life, we all have own journeys to make.

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