Lovi Poe to Star Alongside Adam Beach in Garry A. Brown’s New Film

Filipino actress and singer Lovi Poe, known for her role in Seasons, is set to join Adam Beach in an upcoming project helmed by producer and director Garry A. Brown, recognized for his work on Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

The yet-untitled film, scheduled to commence filming in Dallas, Texas later this year, revolves around the true story of Paul Fullerton, portrayed by Beach, a Native American fire captain whose life takes a dramatic turn following a career-ending accident.

The narrative delves into Fullerton’s entanglement in marijuana-related controversies, leading to a confrontation with local law enforcement.

In 2016, Fullerton and his wife Marie, played by Poe, faced unjust accusations of marijuana distribution after a raid on their home by a multi-agency task force. The legal battle ensuing from the incident continues to unfold in the courts today.

Lovi Poe

Brown, renowned for his contributions to hit series like Prison Break and Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., assumes the role of producer for the project, with Paul Fullerton serving as executive producer. Robert Paschall Jr. and Sasha Yelaun are also on board as producers.

Poe’s recent film, Seasons, enjoyed a three-week stint in Netflix’s Global Top 10. Additionally, she is set to appear in Bill Kenwright’s feature My Sister’s Bones alongside Olga Kurlyenko and Anna Friel, and has recently completed filming the indie flick Bad Man alongside Seann William Scott.

The film marks another milestone for producer Paschall, whose latest project, My Dead Friend Zoe, premiered at SXSW, earning acclaim and the festival’s Narrative Spotlight Audience Award.

Poe is represented by SMS, Death Wish Entertainment, and Myman Greenspan. With her talent and track record, her inclusion in this promising project adds to the anticipation surrounding Garry A. Brown’s upcoming film.

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