‘Little Women’ may become Korean Grand Slam for Netflix

Little Women, a new high-profile Korean TV series on Netflix, released its first two episodes over the weekend. According to this author, there are at least two reasons why lovers of K-dramas should add it to their Netflix list.

One is Kim Hee-won, the director. She also directed Vincenzo, a Korean-Italian mafia lawyer drama that many fans considered to be among the best K-dramas the streaming service has ever created. And if that weren’t enough, Kim Go-eun is a member of the Little Women cast. Importantly, she also was one of the leads in Guardian: The Lonely and Great God, which most hardcore K-drama fans will tell you is one of the best titles that the genre has to offer.

Little Women’s main characters include Kim Go Eun, described as the hardworking yet exhausted older sister. Nam Ji-Hyun plays the middle sister, journalist Oh Inkyung, while Park Ji Hu is Oh Inhye, the sensitive and artistic youngest sister.

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Here’s a closer look at the real subject matter of this presentation in the interim. This programme is essentially a modernization of the renowned book of the same name by Louisa May Alcott. It also places the entire scenario in Korea while introducing a sense of mystery. Netflix urges its audience to consider the topic, “What would you do if you had a lot of money?”

“After living in poverty all their lives, three sisters were faced with this question when they suddenly came across a mysterious sum of 70 billion won Throw in an impoverished upbringing, the lure of easy money, and three sisters with distinctive personalities played by prominent actors and you have the recipe for a gripping mystery drama.”

According to the filmmaker, she wanted to “create a story that viewers can relate with, which spans both our ordinary lives and our vast imaginations” in this film.

On September 10, 2022, Little Women season 1, episode 3 will air. The regular time is 3:00 PM (BST),  moreover episode 4 will air on Netflix the next day, September 11, at the same time (in the non-English TV programme category).

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