Lex Scott Davis Joins Stephen Amell in NBC’s ‘Suits L.A.’ Pilot

In a casting move that promises to add depth and dynamism to NBC’s upcoming drama pilot ‘Suits L.A.,’ Lex Scott Davis has secured the coveted female lead alongside Stephen Amell. As the latest addition to the cast, Davis is set to elevate the series with her talent and presence, joining fellow lead Josh McDermitt.

Suits L.A.‘ unfolds in the expansive universe crafted by Aaron Korsh, the visionary creator behind the original ‘Suits‘ series. This extension ventures into uncharted territory, introducing Ted Black (Amell), a former federal prosecutor from New York, navigating the complex realm of criminal and entertainment law in Los Angeles.

The narrative weaves a tale of reinvention, loyalty, and the inevitable intersection of personal and professional lives.

Lex Scott Davis steps into the role of Erica Rollins, a character who embodies savvy and strength. As a rising star within Black Lane Law, Erica brings shrewdness and determination to her work, testing the loyalty of those around her while developing unexpected admiration for their unwavering commitment.

Suits L.A.

Contrary to a reboot or revival, ‘Suits L.A.‘ embraces a brand extension approach, akin to the successful CSI and NCIS franchises. The pilot, directed and executive produced by Victoria Mahoney, promises a fresh narrative with new characters against the backdrop of the bustling city of Los Angeles.

The powerhouse team behind the scenes includes Aaron Korsh, David Bartis, Doug Liman, and Gene Klein, all of whom played pivotal roles in the original ‘Suits‘ series. Bonnie Zane, the original ‘Suits’ casting director, contributes her expertise to the casting process once again.

Lex Scott Davis, renowned for her roles in Universal’s ‘The First Purge‘ and Netflix’s ‘Florida Man,’ brings her exceptional talent to this NBC pilot. With upcoming appearances in Amazon’s ‘Ricky Stanicky‘ alongside John Cena and Zac Efron, Davis continues to make her mark in the entertainment industry.

As production kicks off in late March in Vancouver, anticipation builds for the captivating synergy between Stephen Amell, Lex Scott Davis, and the entire cast of ‘Suits L.A.‘ Stay tuned for the unraveling of a narrative that promises legal intrigue, personal dilemmas, and the magnetic pull of the Los Angeles legal landscape.

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