Lenny Hochstein Sues Ex Lisa Hochstein in $100,000 Defamation Lawsuit

Lenny Hochstein from Real Housewives of Miami has taken legal action against his estranged wife, Lisa Hochstein. Lenny filed a defamation lawsuit seeking damages of up to $100,000 and attorney fees after Lisa hinted at abuse in a now-expired Instagram Story post.

As per Us Weekly, court documents reveal that Lenny vehemently denies Lisa’s abuse allegations and accuses her of harassment. The lawsuit comes days after Lisa shared a photo of a bruise on her arm, captioned with claims of harassment by Lenny through the court system.

Lenny, a plastic surgeon, asserts in his filing that the bruise resulted from Lisa losing her balance during an argument. According to him, Lisa was berating him as he came home from work, prompting him to walk away. In an attempt to continue the argument, Lisa walked backward up the stairs, lost her balance, and fell on a stair. Lenny emphatically denies any form of abuse, stating, “Nothing can be further from the truth.”

The legal battle takes a twist as Lenny accuses Lisa of cheating on him with her current boyfriend, Jody Glidden, labeling her as the ‘real “homewrecker” of Miami.’ This revelation adds another layer to the already contentious divorce proceedings between the couple, who were married for 12 years and share two children.

Lisa Hochstein, in response to Lenny’s legal actions, has not yet commented publicly. The feud between the two reality stars has been playing out in the public eye, with each party presenting conflicting narratives of their tumultuous relationship.

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