Kindred stars share their difficult situations in season 1

Kindred is the newest FX adaption. The first season’s eight episodes serve as a gateway to Octavia E. Butler’s ground-breaking novel.

The movie is about a young Black woman who is thrust onto an antebellum plantation and forced to pass herself off as a slave the main character of the time-traveling story. She moves between the two locations without realizing why, but she soon discovers that the plantation has ties to her family.

The actors shared their thoughts about the multifaced characters and how they adapted Kindred’s characters. Austin shared about his character and said, “The way that he so perfectly sets up the premise of the show, and also the way he made these characters so real; so fully fleshed out for an audience that has not read the book. Also, he honors the source material so well that I think even fans of the book will recognize these people as the characters that they love from the book. The characters all have such depth, and the way he’s playing with so many genres was just so exciting. I just think he’s one of our greatest writers. So, all of that was really, really exciting.”

Sheria shared her thoughts about how she felt portraying the character of Olivia. She says, “Yeah, it’s so cool to be playing a character that’s outside of the novel. And Branden Jacobs-Jenkins does such a wonderful job of taking care of this character and giving her space to bloom during this series.


Sophina shares the constant struggles of her character and says, “Yes, I think that’s one of the most interesting things about taking on the role. It opened up my perspective in terms of the options that enslaved people had; to really realize that just because I chose as Sarah, not to run and not fight. My choice was still valid, and it still had so much dignity and integrity behind it, because I chose to work the system, so to speak. And I choose to really lean on white proximity, in terms of trying to make a way for my children.”

Season 1 is premiering on Disney+ Hotstar.

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