Kevin Smith speaks out in support of James Gunn

Kevin Smith supports Games Gunn amid the news about the changes in the DC universe.

James Gunn has been receiving a lot of backlash due to the changes that he has made in the DC universe. Many shows have been canceled and actors have been replaced since the new heads took over the company. The fans are upset with the news of shows being taken off and the actors being replaced.

Kevin Smith came in support of James Gunn. On his podcast, Fatman Beyond, Smith shared his thoughts on the changes that are being made in the Dc universe, and in support of James Gunn, he said, “Smog bless him [James Gunn], I saw him just sticking to his guns: He’s like ‘Look, I know people are going to be mad; I know that people are going to call for my death and sh*t, but I’m not going to be moved by people saying mean things. We have a plan, and there will be a period of transition, but we’re going to get there.’ That dude is– remember that book, ‘You’re a better man than I am, Gunga Din?”

Smith further said, “He’s the picture of grace under pressure. And not in a sh***y, combative way: he’s giving real responses to questions – like the news is coming out of this – I see so many news pieces from his tweets and whatnot. He’s brave, man, he’s brave. Good thing they didn’t pick ME to do that job; the moment someone was like ‘You’re an ***hole!’ I would’ve been like ‘Peter! I quit [fake cries]!”

James Gunn

The DC universe has seen many changes since the new heads took over and according to them, there are a lot more changes on their way.

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