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Keke Palmer Welcomed a Baby Boy

Keke Palmer is now a mother. She announced that she and her partner, Darius Jackson, are parents to a baby son in a post that was published today. Naturally, she handled it in the most Keke Palmer fashion imaginable by adding humor and lightheartedness to her article and releasing the (perhaps) most disorganized photo dump ever.

Palmer said in an interview with Essence that she wanted to make sure her child understood that she could preserve her sense of humor while juggling honesty and kindness.

“You are both. On the morals she wished to impart in her infant, she stated, “You could tell someone the truth and even if it’s not going to be something that makes them happy, you could be gentle about it. “And the value of always being courteous. such as, “Thank you, ma’am. Good day, sir. Nothing, in my opinion, is better than someone demonstrating respect.

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