Kate Winslet Reflects on Career and Advocates for Intimacy Coordinators

In a candid interview with The New York Times Magazine, Kate Winslet expressed her retrospective wish for the presence of intimacy coordinators throughout her career, emphasizing the need for support during intimate scenes.

Winslet, known for her roles in iconic films such as Titanic, highlighted the challenges she faced during love scenes, partial nudity, and kissing scenes, stating, “It would have been nice to have had someone in my corner, because I always had to stand up for myself.”

Intimacy coordinators play a crucial role in fostering communication between actors and directors during sensitive scenes. Winslet reflected on moments early in her career when she wished she had someone advocating for her preferences, such as specific camera angles, boundaries on nudity, and controlling the environment during intimate scenes.

The acclaimed actress recounted instances where she had to assert herself: “‘I don’t like that camera angle. I don’t want to stand here full-frontal nude. I don’t want this many people in the room. I want my dressing gown to be closer.’ Just little things like that.”

Winslet acknowledged the difficulty of finding one’s voice, particularly when young, in an industry where asserting preferences might be perceived as rude or detrimental to future opportunities. She described the challenges of navigating these situations and learning to prioritize her own comfort.

Reflecting on her early fame, particularly after the massive success of Titanic, Winslet discussed the burdens of conforming to societal expectations. Contrary to expectations, she deliberately chose smaller projects post-Titanic, citing the unpleasant aspects of fame and media intrusion during that period.

Winslet’s retrospective insights shed light on the evolving landscape of the film industry, advocating for a supportive environment for actors, particularly in scenes requiring vulnerability.

As the conversation around intimacy coordinators gains momentum, Winslet’s openness contributes to the ongoing dialogue about improving working conditions in the entertainment industry.

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