‘Jung_E’ trailer launch on Netflix

Jung_E has released the trailer for the movie on Netflix.

Jung_E is a South Korean sci-fi film written by Yeon Sang-ho. The film features the final film appearance of Kang Soo-Yeon who died ahead of its release.

It depicts a devastated Earth that has become uninhabitable as a result of climate change. An internal struggle erupts in the bunker designed for human survival amidst the mayhem. Finding a technique to clone the famed mercenary Jung E into a scalable robot is now crucial to winning the battle. 

The star cast in the film is Kang Soo-Yeon as Seohyun, Kim Hyun-Joo as Jung_E, and Ryu Kyung-soo as Sang-Hoon.

The official trailer of the movie was released earlier today.

The movie will be released on Netflix on January 20, 2023.

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