Jonathan Frakes Candidly Critiques Riker’s Iconic Move in Star Trek AMA

In an unfiltered Reddit Ask Me Anything (AMA), Star Trek luminary Jonathan Frakes, renowned for his role as William Riker, shared candid thoughts on Riker’s infamous maneuver, dubbing it “kind of an a**hole move.”

During the interactive session with fans, a user praised the ‘Riker Maneuver’ as an absolute power play and queried Frakes on its origin. The actor-director revealed, “It happened by chance when we first used 10 Forward… the chairs were low enough to step in…. frankly it’s kind of an a**hole move …but I’m glad it found life as a Meme.”

For the uninitiated, the “Riker Maneuver” doesn’t involve spaceships but rather depicts Riker’s distinct way of sitting down. Instead of opting for a conventional approach, Riker swings one leg over the back of the chair before settling in, a move that became synonymous with his character.

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What adds intrigue to the Riker Maneuver is its accidental evolution. Frakes, experiencing a back injury, found this seated position more comfortable. The low chairs on set allowed him to step in this way, turning an adaptation into an iconic quirk, affectionately embraced by the Star Trek community.

The AMA wasn’t solely dedicated to the Riker Maneuver; Frakes delved into various aspects of his Star Trek journey. Responding to questions about playing the trombone on set, handling technobabble, cherished memories, and favorite quotes, he expressed delight over Worf’s evolution into a pacifist and his deep respect for Will Riker’s enduring legacy.

Having portrayed Will Riker from 1987 to 1994 across seven seasons of Star Trek: The Next Generation, Frakes left an indelible mark. His character extended to other Star Trek iterations, and the iconic Riker Maneuver has even been parodied in subsequent series. Frakes’ openness in the AMA provided fans with insights into the beloved actor’s experiences and reflections on the Star Trek universe.

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