Jimmy Fallon’s ‘That’s My Jam’ Hits Pause on Season 3 Production

Jimmy Fallon’s musical game show, ‘That’s My Jam,‘ is facing a slight delay in its anticipated return to screens for Season 3. The NBC production, set to commence its third season, has hit pause on its production, citing scheduling challenges primarily related to the extensive lineup of celebrities required for each episode.

According to Deadline, the unique format features two teams of two celebrities engaging in various music, dance, trivia games, and musical performances. Notable pairings have included Ariana Grande and Blake Shelton facing off against Kelly Clarkson and John Legend, as well as Kenan Thompson and Big Boi competing with Kesha and Renée Elise Goldberry.

The logistical challenge arises from filming multiple episodes within a condensed timeframe, involving a considerable number of celebrities. Despite the setback, the show has been a ratings success for NBC. The Season 2 premiere garnered a 31% higher viewership than the first season’s average, maintaining its popularity throughout the run.

Jimmy Fallon's That's My Jam

While the first season offered a preview in November 2021 before its regular timeslot in January 2022, and the second season premiered in March 2023, Season 3’s return date remains uncertain.

Adding to its achievements, ‘That’s My Jam‘ recently entered the Emmy race, earning a nomination in the Outstanding Game Show category. The competition included heavyweights like ABC’s ‘Jeopardy!,’ ‘Wheel of Fortune,’ ‘Family Feud,’ and CBS’ ‘The Price Is Right.’

Although ‘Jeopardy!‘ secured the win, it marked a significant milestone for game shows, elevating them to the primetime Emmys from their traditional daytime Emmy category.

Produced by Universal Television Alternative Studio and Fallon’s Electric Hot Dog production company, the show is led by executive producers Jimmy Fallon, Jim Juvonen, and Mike Yurchuk, who also serves as the showrunner.

While fans await Season 3, the show’s undeniable success and celebrity-packed format continue to make it a standout in the competitive world of game shows.

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