Jess Darrow Opens Up About Personal Connection to Fifteen-Love Role

In a candid interview with Digital Spy, Jess Darrow, known for her role as Luisa Madrigal in Disney’s Encanto, shared heartfelt insights into her latest venture in the sports drama Fifteen-Love.

Darrow, speaking exclusively, revealed how her college experience in the UK held sentimental value, making the opportunity to film Fifteen-Love across the pond particularly enticing.

“The audition for this character resonated deeply with me from the start. It felt like I was portraying a part of myself,” expressed Darrow, reflecting on her initial impressions of the role.

The setting of the UK added another layer of significance for Darrow, who reminisced, “Having studied in the UK, the thought of returning was incredibly appealing. It was a dream come true.”

Amidst discussions about the personal nature of the project, Darrow expressed her long-standing desire to return to the UK, emphasizing the professional environment and the elevated regard for actors.

“As an American, working in the UK felt like a refreshing break from the chaos back home. The respect for actors here is palpable, making it feel like a genuine endeavour,” she remarked.

Jess Darrow Fifteen-Love

Darrow further highlighted the depth of her character, Mikki Easton, noting the significance of portraying a queer character whose narrative extends beyond their sexual orientation.

“The show delves into various facets of human experience, beyond just one’s identity. It was the complexity of Mikki’s journey, her pursuit of love and justice, that truly drew me to the role,” Darrow elaborated.

Fifteen-Love, featuring Aidan Turner and Ella Lily Hyland, revolves around the gripping story of a tennis prodigy confronting her former coach with a life-altering accusation, promising audiences a compelling narrative.

Intriguingly blending personal resonance with professional fulfilment, Darrow’s portrayal in Fifteen-Love is poised to captivate audiences with its authenticity and depth.

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