Jerry Bruckheimer Confirms Pirates of the Caribbean Reboot and Margot Robbie Spinoff Still in the Works

Amid years of speculation and conflicting reports, producer Jerry Bruckheimer has confirmed that two new Pirates of the Caribbean films are in development: a reboot and a spinoff featuring Margot Robbie. Bruckheimer revealed this update in an interview with Entertainment Weekly, clarifying the future of the beloved franchise.

Deadline reports that “It’s two different movies,” Bruckheimer stated. He explained that the reboot script is being handled by Jeff Nathanson, while Christina Hodson is penning the Robbie-led spinoff. Both projects are being actively pursued by Disney, which is eager to bring Robbie’s vision to life​.

The reboot has had an interesting development journey, initially involving The Last of Us creator Craig Mazin and original screenwriter Ted Elliot. Mazin described their script as “very weird” and noted that Disney was enthusiastic about it before progress stalled due to industry strikes last year.

Pirates of the Caribbean Reboot

Nathanson has since taken over the script, with Bruckheimer expressing high hopes for the project. “I think he’s cracked it,” Bruckheimer said, praising Nathanson’s work on the third act while acknowledging that the first and second acts still need refinement​.

Margot Robbie’s involvement adds a fresh dynamic to the franchise. Robbie previously told Vanity Fair that her film aimed to offer a different perspective, focusing more on female characters. However, she expressed uncertainty about its future, stating, “I guess they don’t want to do it.” Bruckheimer, however, reassured fans that the spinoff remains on the table, although he did not provide further details.

The question of Johnny Depp’s involvement remains open. Bruckheimer emphasized his admiration for Depp, who famously portrayed Captain Jack Sparrow. While the reboot is set to feature a new cast, Bruckheimer did not completely rule out Depp’s return, saying, “If it was up to me, he would be in it. He’s a good friend. He’s an amazing artist and he’s a unique look. He created Captain Jack”​​.

As Disney navigates the development of these two projects, fans of Pirates of the Caribbean can look forward to seeing how the franchise evolves with new stories and characters.

M. Osama Asghar

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