Jeremy Strong’s Post-‘Succession’ Journey: Seeking “Exit Velocity” and Embracing Roy Cohn

Jeremy Strong, the Emmy-winning actor renowned for his portrayal of Kendall Roy in Succession, has shed light on his transition from the acclaimed HBO series to embodying Roy Cohn in The Apprentice.

In a candid conversation with The New York Times Magazine ahead of his Broadway debut in An Enemy of the People, Strong shared his post-Succession reflections, expressing a profound determination to break free from the shadow of his iconic character and explore new horizons.

Reflecting on the aftermath of Succession, Strong admitted to grappling with existential questions, pondering whether the show defined the pinnacle of his career. However, he swiftly channeled this introspection into a fervent pursuit of “exit velocity,” a term symbolizing his eagerness to propel himself forward into uncharted territories of acting.

Strong’s immediate dive into portraying Roy Cohn, the enigmatic figure synonymous with political influence and intrigue, underscores his commitment to diversity in roles and a relentless drive to challenge himself creatively. Explaining his deliberate shift to the role of Cohn, Strong emphasized the need to “shake off” the lingering vestiges of Kendall Roy.


The actor delved into the complexity of Cohn’s character, acknowledging the profound impact of his legacy on American politics and culture. While navigating the intricacies of Cohn’s persona, Strong approached the role with a humanistic lens, aiming to portray the subject with depth and nuance while withholding personal judgment.

Strong’s return to Broadway in An Enemy of the People signifies a triumphant reunion with the stage, despite initial apprehensions. Cast as Dr. Stockmann, the reluctant hero at the heart of Henrik Ibsen’s timeless drama, Strong embraces the opportunity to explore a character fraught with moral dilemmas and societal critique.

As Strong embarks on this multifaceted journey of artistic exploration, audiences eagerly anticipate witnessing his transformative performances both on screen and on stage, affirming his status as a versatile and dynamic actor.

An Enemy of the People runs from March 18 to June 16, promising audiences a captivating theatrical experience infused with Strong’s unparalleled talent and dedication to his craft.

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