Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck may part ways this year

According to a fortune teller, Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck will split up this year because of their children.

Mhoni Vidente, a well-known celebrity fate teller, the couple’s romance might not last for very long, according to a report by the Colombian news outlet El Espectador.

Nearly 20 years after calling off their initial engagement in 2004 owing to excessive media attention, the Marry Me actor and the Argo star got married this year.

Vidente now contends that the newlyweds will split up because Lopez’s children might have troubles with their step-siblings. The famous couple will have problems with their blended family and will file for divorce this year, according to Vidente.

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It has been speculated that Lopez and Affleck’s relationship won’t endure for long before; in the past, an insider claimed that J.Lo and Affleck “are dealing with a lot of challenges” following their marriage. According to the source, “there’s a great anxiety among friends that they may not make it in the long term” because of their mothers. Another insider told Heat Magazine that Lopez has been “panicking” that Affleck “could get sick of married life very quickly” ever since their Georgia wedding.

The insider continued, “She feels tremendous pressure for this marriage to succeed and is doing everything she can to keep Ben happy and busy.

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