‘Jason Blum’ dressed as titular killer robot doll M3GAN

Jason Blum grabbed attention at the studio’s annual Halloween party by dressing as M3GAN, the movie’s titular killer robot doll.

Jason Blum, the horror film producer and the founder of the Blumhouse, dressed up as the horrific robot doll at the annual party.

The horrific character of the movie M3GAN takes over the internet storm last month when the trailer of the movie was launched. The movie stars Allison Williams as Gemma, a robotic doll. M3GAN quickly became a meme material and was immediately compared to other killer dolls like Chuckie and Blumhouse’s own Annabelle in other horror movies.

Blum portraying the costume is uncannily authentic.with her blonde waves, pink collared satin shirt over a striped long sleeve t-shirt, and a large red and blue bow to off the look. Prior to the big reveal, Blum teased a transformation of him as M3GAN on social media by tweeting pictures of himself getting makeup done and challenging his followers to predict his outfit.

While revealing the entire outfit he tweeted, “Happy Halloween, folks. A lot of you guessed it right.”

M3GAN will release in theatres on January 6th, 2023.

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