Henry Selick updates on TV adaptation of ‘Little Nightmares’

In 2017, Anthony and Joe Russo, the filmmaking duo, collaborated with filmmaker Henry Selick to adapt the horror-adventure computer game Little Nightmares for television.

The Little Nightmares game follows Six, a 9-year-old girl who finds herself stuck on the bottom of the Maw, a terror-filled ship. The tale follows Six as she tries to escape from the ship while dodging arrest and death at the hands of characters called the Janitor, the Twin Chefs, and the Lady.

However, even after all these years, fans have yet to see the game adapted for television.

In an interview with Discussing Film, Selick stated that he could not explain what happened to the project.

“It’s a really cool video game. It kind of just came and went… I don’t know actually what happened to it. It’s a really good story! I did a lot of work with a writer on that and I can’t really explain what happened.”

He goes on to say, “Little Nightmares was a really interesting project. It’s really dark, shows kidnapped kids and an elitist class. It’s kind of like Squid Game quite honestly, but maybe not quite as extreme. Put the word out! Maybe that’ll come back around. Because it was a good, good project.”


Currently, Henry Selick may take a break or devote time to re-adapting Neil Gaiman’s The Ocean at the End of the Lane, which was previously scrapped.

Selick’s new project Wendell & Wild is currently available on Netflix.

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