Heels Showrunner Actively Looking for New Network After Cancellation

The popular wrestling drama series, Heels, is on the hunt for a new network home following Starz’s cancellation of the show. Showrunner Mike O’Malley expressed optimism about the show’s future, stating that they did not intend for the season 2 finale to be the series’ end.

Fans of the show were left disappointed by the cancellation, with some even canceling their Starz subscriptions in protest.

Sources report, O’Malley revealed that they are actively seeking a new network and that negotiations are underway, especially since some of the actors are still under contract. He emphasized the commitment of both the creative team and Starz to see the show continue, as the network had invested significantly in its production.

Stephen Amell, who stars in the series, shared his thoughts on the potential direction of Season 3. He discussed his character, Jack, and how he would deal with the challenges ahead. Jack, a wrestler, faces personal and professional setbacks, prompting him to reevaluate his life and seek a new path.

Heels Showrunner Actively Looking for New Network After Cancellation

There was also hope for cross-promotion with wrestling giants WWE and AEW. While CM Punk made an appearance in the series, further collaborations with wrestling organizations were explored.

Amell mentioned the possibility of working with AEW, especially given his connections with figures like Cody Rhodes. However, he also hinted at a project with WWE coinciding with the release of the second season of Heels.

As negotiations continue, fans of Heels remain hopeful that the series will find a new home and continue to deliver the thrilling and dramatic world of professional wrestling to their screens. Stay tuned for updates on the future of Heels and where it will find its next ring entrance.

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