Harry and Meghan filmed their documentary in a ‘fake’ home

Harry and Meghan‘s docuseries portrays a mansion that is not the couple’s actual residence.

Harry and Meghan have recently launched their docuseries on Netflix. With a lot of mixed reviews about it, the most debated thing about the docuseries was the house where the series was filmed.

The article published by Daily Mail that the house where the series was filmed does not belong to the couple. Redditors focused on the house and discovered that it is actually a bigger, more costly property in Montecito, California, the celebrity neighborhood where Harry and Meghan relocated in 2020. This discovery led to the story.

The most asked question is if the couple’s ‘fake’ home calls documentary ethics. Generally, documentaries are based on portraying the real things but not everyone is obliged to do that and anything can be called a documentary unless it is not scripted.

In the series, Harry and Meghan do not claim that the house is theirs or not. Netflix did not also respond to the news about the comments asking about the film’s location.

Harry and Meghan

Tami Tacklind, a producer who has worked as a location manager on different shows says, “If you’re a high-profile celebrity talking about how you’re worried about your safety and the safety of your children, it would make sense that they would hire out a house and provide a safe place for them to tell their story.

The royal couple’s living arrangement or kitchen organization abilities aren’t the main subjects of the series, so Netflix had to make something of its pricey contract with them in the end. And if there is no other way to encourage their subject to open up, some documentarians don’t see the harm in creating an atmosphere where they feel at ease.

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