Hannah Waddingham’s Fond Farewell to Ted Lasso Set Memorabilia

Hannah Waddingham, known for her role as Rebecca in Ted Lasso, reveals her heartfelt approach to preserving memories from the beloved series’ set.

During the PEOPLE X IHG Conversation with the Cast of Ted Lasso, Waddingham shared her sentiment of “lovingly rehoming” select items from the show’s set, emphasizing her attachment to Rebecca’s wardrobe.

Acknowledging her penchant for acquiring keepsakes, Waddingham humorously reframed it as “lovingly rehoming” rather than “stealing,” expressing her desire for pieces that held sentimental value.

Among her cherished items is the army man gifted to her character by Jason Sudeikis’ Ted Lasso, safeguarded in her hero bag along with other mementos like a first-class ticket and a storyboard.

Hannah Waddingham’s ted lasso

Sudeikis, echoing the sentiment, disclosed his collection of iconic props, including a snow globe and soccer jerseys, evoking poignant memories from the series.

Phil Dunster, who portrays Jamie Tartt, humorously recounted his fondness for his character’s training socks, likening them to a supportive gesture from a kindergarten teacher.

While some cast members discreetly acquired mementos like wardrobe pieces, others, like Brendan Hunt, opted for a more official route to preserve the essence of the show.

As the “Ted Lasso” journey comes to an end, the cast’s reflections on their cherished keepsakes underscore the profound impact of the series and its enduring legacy.

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