‘Good Omens’ season 2 Neil Gaiman released new images

Good Omens writer Neil Gaiman released new images from the sets.

Good Omens is a fantasy comedy series based on Terry Pratchett’s novel of the same name. With the idea of being a limited series, the show debuted in 2019. But in June 2021, Good Omens was revived for a second season due to its enormous popularity.

The writer released images of the two characters Crowley and Aziraphale. The images have a tiny pixelation and distortion. In the pictures, Crowley and Aziraphale are dressed in cloaks and top hats from the time period.

The pictures were taken from the writer’s phone when he was co-editing the scene and was facing technical difficulties. Gaiman says, “the images were pixilating badly that day”. Although they are still far from high-definition screencaps, Gaiman shared the photos of Crowley and Aziraphale that are a little bit clearer. The clothing that Tennant and Sheen are wearing in the photographs doesn’t reveal much about the action of Good Omens season 2 in general, but it does suggest that the new episodes will follow Crowley and Aziraphale during their countless millennia on Earth.

Season 2 will consist of six episodes and the series is expected to premiere in summers 2023.

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