Extraction Maestro Sam Hargrave Takes the Helm for Paramount’s Kill Them All

Sam Hargrave, the mastermind behind the adrenaline-fueled ‘Extraction‘ series on Netflix, is gearing up for another action-packed venture.

Sources exclusively reveal to Deadline that Hargrave is set to direct the adaptation of ‘Kill Them All‘ for Paramount Pictures. The film, based on Kyle M. Starks’ popular graphic novel, is primed to be a roller-coaster ride of intense action.

The graphic novel’s narrative revolves around an elite female assassin who discovers she’s marked for termination by the criminal syndicate she once served. Opting for a preemptive strike, she teams up with a hard-drinking ex-cop, embarking on a relentless and action-packed assault through the syndicate’s 15 floors. The ultimate target: the Boss, with whom she shares a complex history.

Since his directorial debut with ‘Extraction‘ in 2020, Hargrave has become a sought-after name, particularly in the action genre. His signature one-take action sequences earned acclaim, and the sequel, ‘Extraction 2,’ premiered with record-breaking numbers on Netflix this summer.

Extraction 3

Extraction 2‘ swiftly claimed the No. 1 spot on Netflix in 90 countries upon release, with its predecessor securing the No. 2 position, holding this powerful duo at the top for two consecutive weeks.

Prior to diving into ‘Kill Them All,’ Hargrave is lined up to direct and executive produce the pilot episode of the Apple TV+ drama series ‘The Last Frontier.’ As anticipation builds for Hargrave’s next cinematic adventure, audiences can expect another thrilling spectacle from the maestro of high-octane action.

The film is produced by Midnight Radio, with Josh Appelbaum and André Nemec onboard, and the script adaptation is entrusted to James Coyne. With a track record of success, Hargrave’s involvement ensures ‘Kill Them All‘ will deliver yet another unforgettable cinematic experience.

As Hargrave continues to solidify his position in the directorial realm, ‘Kill Them All‘ promises to be a captivating addition to his repertoire. Stay tuned for updates on this action-packed project that is set to leave audiences on the edge of their seats.

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