Evan Peters drops ‘The White Lotus Season 2’

As Evan Peters Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story was initially hired in a lead role, David Bernad revealed that Peters was meant to play the role of Ethan Spiller in ‘the white lotus‘, which ultimately went to Giri/Haji actor Will Sharpe.

“That part was the last part we cast in the season, and originally it was supposed to be Evan Peters, but for whatever reason – scheduling or timing – it didn’t work out,” Bernad explained.

“We were really trying to figure how to cast that part so it didn’t feel like familiar casting,” he continued. “We were in Rome auditioning Italian actors, and I was jetlagged Googling at 4am, and I came across Will Sharpe in Giri/Haji, which is a brilliant show in the U.K. I’d never seen him before, and he was just incredibly talented. I looked at his other work and realized he was kind of a chameleon.”

Bernad is currently anticipating Season 3, which he said will take place someplace in Asia. “We’ve tried to work in Asia a lot, and hopefully season three will be our chance to make something happen there,” he said.

An Eastern location was previously hinted by the show’s creator, Mike White, in a Season 2 behind-the-scenes video.


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