Emma Roberts Praises Kim Kardashian’s Professionalism on AHS: Delicate

Emma Roberts couldn’t help but express her admiration for Kim Kardashian’s work on American Horror Story: Delicate at the premiere of Feud: Capote vs. The Swans. The 32-year-old actress spoke to Extra, highlighting Kardashian’s impressive professionalism as a co-star.

“She’s amazing, she’s a pro,” Roberts exclaimed. “She’s one of the most prepared people I’ve ever worked with and she’s just chill. I love her so much.”

Roberts also commended AHS creator Ryan Murphy, expressing her fondness for his meticulous approach to every detail. “Ryan has an idea of everything down to the detail of your shoes, so I love working with him because he doesn’t do just one thing,” she shared. “He creates entire worlds and takes concepts on paper that sound like one thing and ‘Ryan Murphafies’ them.”

Reflecting on her favorite AHS character, Madison Montgomery, Roberts revealed the unexpected evolution of her role. Initially planned for seasons 3 and 4, Roberts ended up resurrecting Madison in season 8, describing the experience as “fun and unexpected.”

AHS: Delicate

In AHS: Delicate, Kardashian portrays Siobhan Walsh, a publicist steering Roberts’ character away from motherhood toward fame. The gripping narrative unfolds over five episodes, with Roberts’ character spiraling into hysteria as her dreams morph into a nightmare.

Ryan Murphy previously expressed excitement about Kardashian joining the AHS family, emphasizing her star power. Critics, upon the show’s premiere, lauded Kardashian’s performance, with Deadline’s Anthony D’Alessandro noting her homage to Kris Jenner and USA Today’s Patrick Ryan praising her alignment with the season’s high-camp potential.

Kardashian’s portrayal, while not necessarily Emmy-worthy, adds a unique flair to the acclaimed series, following in the footsteps of AHS alums Jessica Lange and Lady Gaga.

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