Dune 2 Lands $20 Million Opening in China, Boosted by IMAX

In a cinematic showdown in mainland China, Dune 2 made an impressive $19.9 million debut over the weekend, securing the second spot just behind the crime-drama The Pig, the Snake and the Pigeon, which held its ground with $21.3 million.

Despite recent challenges for Hollywood releases in China, Dune 2 seems to have broken the trend with its visually stunning presentation. Imax, boasting almost 800 screens in China, contributed significantly to the film’s success, generating $6.5 million during the opening weekend, nearly one-third of the total earnings in the region.

Local ticketing firm Maoyan has revised its projections, anticipating a lifetime total of $78 million (RMB 560 million) for Dune 2 in China. This marks a considerable leap from the $38 million earned by the previous installment directed by Denis Villeneuve in 2021.

Dune 2

Directed by Wong Ching-po and featuring Ethan Juan, The Pig, the Snake and the Pigeon, a Taiwanese production, explores the story of a terminally ill gangster aiming to secure a top-tier criminal status before his demise.

Securing the third position in the local charts, the Chinese romantic drama I Miss You, directed by Han Yan and based on a novel by Zheng Zhi, earned $13.6 million (RMB 96.6 million) over the weekend. The film narrates a tale of a couple getting a second chance at love, navigating the hurdles that come their way.

Rounding out the weekend’s rankings were two Lunar New Year holiday releases from early February: Zhang Yimou’s Article 20 with $8.4 million (totaling $334 million) and Han Han’s Pegasus 2 with $6.8 million (totaling $469 million).

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