“Don’t Look at the Demon” is the first Malaysian film to open in US

Don’t Look at the Demon“, directed by Brando Lee, made history as the first Malaysian movie to be shown in America. The worldwide debut of Don’t Look at the Demon is scheduled for October 6.

“I believe that Don’t Look at the Demon’s global distribution will encourage local producers to aim high and keep working hard to advance to represent Malaysia internationally. ,” Lee said during the film’s premiere at Dadi Cinemas in Pavilion KL. “The release of this film is not just my success, but it is the success of all of us in Malaysia,” Lee continued. “I am extremely proud to set the benchmark and bring pride to our country. This film will forever be an emblem to remind Malaysia that no goal is too big if you set your minds to it.”

In the documentary Don’t Look at the Demon, a team of American ghost hunters and a medium investigate unexplained happenings at a home constructed in the early 1970s on Fraser’s Hill, a mountain town in Pahang, Peninsular Malaysia. The film’s central theme, traditional Asian folklore, is purportedly explored from the viewpoint of its American characters. The movie stars Malin Crépin, Jordan Belfi, Randy Wayne, William Miller, Fiona Dourif as Tenet, Harris Dickinson as The King’s Man, and Malin Crépin.

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Don’t Look at the Demon will be exhibited in 20 nations in addition to the United States, including Cambodia, Canada, Mongolia, the Philippines, Poland, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam, and the UK. The movie, which had its world debut on September 29 in Malaysia, will screen on 250 screens in North America alone.

These new guidelines, in addition to the Academy’s growing membership of those from diverse backgrounds, are meant to ensure that film’s like Don’t Look at the Demon receive more consideration in the future.

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