Donald Trump LASHES OUT at Robert De Niro on Censored Speech Remarks

In a clash that’s as entertaining as a Hollywood blockbuster, former President Donald Trump has fired verbal missiles at none other than two-time Oscar winner Robert De Niro. The drama unfolded after De Niro took the stage at the recent Gotham Awards, where he was honored with the Historical Icon and Creator Tribute award.

De Niro, no stranger to political commentary, didn’t hold back in his Gotham Awards speech, accusing Trump of lying over 30,000 times during his presidency. However, the real sparks flew when De Niro discovered that his anti-Trump comments had mysteriously disappeared from the teleprompter. Cue the dramatic twist!

Trump, never one to shy away from a feud, launched a belated but blistering response on his Truth Social platform. The former president declared that De Niro’s acting talents have “greatly diminished” and took a swing at the actor’s use of a teleprompter for what he deemed “foul and disgusting language.”

According to Trump, De Niro has become “unwatchable” not only in movies but also in events like the Gotham Awards, which he claims were downgraded by “FOOLS.” Trump’s advice to De Niro? Focus on sorting out his own allegedly messy life instead of critiquing others. Ouch!

This latest showdown adds another chapter to the ongoing feud between Donald Trump and Robert De Niro, with the actor consistently using his platform to criticize the former president. It’s a collision of politics and entertainment that has the world watching and waiting, popcorn in hand.

As the virtual sparring continues, one can’t help but wonder: will this war of words turn into a blockbuster or fizzle out like a box-office flop? Stay tuned for the latest updates on this fiasco!

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