David Beckham Documentary Director Dives Deep into the Star’s Complex Journey

David Beckham’s life has always been in the spotlight, but a new Netflix docuseries, Beckham, aims to provide a more intimate and revealing look into the soccer legend’s life. Directed by Fisher Stevens, the documentary offers viewers a glimpse into Beckham’s world, from his working-class roots to his rise as a global celebrity.

The David Beckham documentary came about through an unexpected connection when actor Leonardo DiCaprio suggested Stevens as the director to Beckham. Despite initial hesitation, Stevens embarked on a two-year journey, conducting over 30 hours of interviews with the sports icon.

The resulting four-part series, now streaming on Netflix, portrays Beckham’s life as nothing short of operatic, with intense highs and lows. It explores his career, his relationship with Victoria Beckham, and the challenges he has faced, both personally and professionally.

While the documentary features interviews with an array of contributors, from family members to former colleagues and even paparazzi who trailed him in the late ’90s, one notable absence is Glenn Hoddle, the former England manager who publicly criticized Beckham during a crucial World Cup match in 1998.

David Beckham Documentary Director Dives Deep into the Star's Complex Journey

Variety notes that Stevens reached out to Hoddle multiple times, but the former manager declined to participate. Beckham’s journey, however, continued despite this setback, and he went on to become a global icon, contributing significantly to soccer’s popularity in the United States.

This David Beckham documentary sheds light on his lesser-known struggles, including his battle with OCD, his growing tattoo addiction, and persistent rumors of marital strife. Despite his status as a national treasure in the UK, the film delves into the inner turmoil that has shaped his life.

Beckham’s decision to participate in this documentary wasn’t taken lightly. He wanted to share his story on his terms before someone else did. The series also highlights the enduring love between David and Victoria Beckham, showcasing their 26-year partnership, which Stevens describes as “co-dependent.”

While the current series is a deep dive into Beckham’s life, there’s potential for more. Beckham has lived many lives, and owning Inter Miami is just the beginning of a new chapter. Whether or not there will be a second season remains uncertain, but as Beckham’s story continues to evolve, there may be more to explore.

“Beckham” offers an intimate look at the man behind the fame, revealing a complex and multi-faceted individual whose journey is far from over.

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