Dave Chappelle Receives Backlash from LGBTQ+ Community After Being Lured in Selfie by Republicans at Capitol Hill

Comedian Dave Chappelle took a selfie with Republican Representatives Lauren Boebert and Anna Paulina Luna, and the snapshot is causing quite a stir.

The controversy ignited when Boebert tweeted the photo with the caption, “Just three people who understand that there’s only two genders.” The tweet has since been deleted but not before causing massive outrage on social media.

This seemingly dismissive take on gender identity has set off a wave of criticism, especially considering Chappelle’s history of making politically incorrect jokes, particularly targeting the LGBTQ+ community.

Chappelle, a Washington, D.C., native, insists his visit to the Capitol was merely a chance to catch up with “old friends” and had no official business. Fans of the comedian have come out in support, stating that the selfie was used as a ploy to garner false endorsement from Dave Chappelle.

This incident follows Chappelle’s recent performance in Boston, where he accused the US government of supporting Israel’s “war crimes” against Palestinians. The remarks led to audience walkouts, illustrating the comedian’s knack for stirring controversy.

As per PunchBowl News, Chappelle was there to meet with Congressional Black Caucus. The selfie, intended as a lighthearted moment, has become a symbol of the ongoing debate around the comedian’s style and the broader role of comedy in societal conversations.

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