Costume Designer Jacqueline Spills Beans On Zendaya’s Off-The-Peg Desert Dress 

Jacqueline West is a highly regarded costume designer in Hollywood, having been nominated for four Oscars for her work in films such as The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, The Revenant, and Dune: Part One.

She has a long-standing collaboration with Terrence Malick, working on several of his films including The New World and The Tree of Life, and has also worked on other notable films like Argo and Killers of the Flower Moon. Additionally, she was recommended to Malick by his production designer Jack Fisk.

In Dune: Part One, the flowing white dress worn by Zendaya in certain scenes against the desert background was not created through extensive research and prototyping. Instead, Jacqueline West repurposed a dress from her own clothing line called the Nomad Collection, which she designed for Barneys in the 1990s.

The dress was used on the fly after director Denis Villeneuve asked for a dress for Zendaya in a pick-up shot. West explained that the dress was not in the script, but she found it in her sample trunk from her old clothing line and Zendaya loved it when she tried it on.

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