Contestant reveals rigorous entry process at ‘Dragons’ Den’: It is nerve-wracking

Entrepreneur Rachel Kettlewell, a former contestant of Dragons’ Den gives an insight into the show’s entry process and claims it was a “nerve-wracking” experience.

In a recent interview at The Sun, Kettlewell says all she wanted from Dragon Tej was his mentorship at that time, as her business was initially new and she didn’t have expertise in the field. She says, “What I really wanted at the time was mentorship and support, and the time and expertise to help me grow the business.”

 Dragons' Den

However, Tej was very busy to offer any help to the entrepreneur which is why Kettlewell says, “I knew it was a good idea and a good product, but there were an awful lot of things that I didn’t know. But Tej was so busy – he actually left the show because he said he was too busy.”

Kettlewell then goes on to talk about the rigorous procedure of Dragons’ Den entry where you are expected to have everything in black and white without prior notice. She says, “It is really militant because the BBC is a publicly funded company. Everything that you could possibly say in the den, you need to provide evidence for. They don’t know what questions you will be asked so you’ve got to have enough evidence behind you to prove every statement you make is true.”

 Dragons' Den

She further adds saying that they hardly give you time to prepare. They literally called her a day before the shoot and asked her to, “appear on the show tomorrow.” Kettlewell also reveals that the shooting process takes a full two hours, even though it is cut down to 15 minutes on TV.

Dragons’ Den is available to watch on BBC iPlayer.

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