CNN CEO Faces Diminishing Support Amidst Leadership Challenges

Last Spring, Chris Licht, the chairman and CEO of CNN, received a tongue-in-cheek gift—a framed bulletproof vest—from Hollywood agent Jay Sures.

The gesture symbolized the challenges Chris Licht would face as the new CEO, inheriting a network burdened by reputational warfare with Trump, internal turmoil, and cost-cutting measures from corporate overlords. Over the past year, Licht has weathered criticism and setbacks while projecting unwavering confidence in his mission.

However, recent conversations with sources indicate that David Zaslav, Licht’s boss and mentor, has withdrawn his once steadfast support. Licht has now ceded control of all business operations to David Leavy, a longtime member of Zaslav’s inner circle.

This move reflects diminishing confidence in Licht’s ability to manage the network, which has experienced declining ratings, revenue losses, and reputational damage. Leavy’s appointment as COO will allow Licht to focus on programming and editorial strategy, while Leavy assumes oversight of business affairs and reports directly to Zaslav.

While the official line emphasizes Licht’s decision and the division of responsibilities, Leavy’s prominent role indicates a shift in power dynamics. He will act as a co-CEO, providing guidance, supervision, and the authority to implement necessary changes within the network. Leavy’s initial focus may involve reassessing Licht’s hand-picked team and business strategy.

Unsa Faheem

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