Chris Pratt Set to Ignite the Screen in Sci-Fi Thriller Mercy for Amazon MGM Studios

In a seismic move, Amazon MGM Studios has secured the rights for the global theatrical release of Mercy, a gripping sci-fi thriller featuring none other than Hollywood A-lister Chris Pratt. The film, directed by Timur Bekmambetov and produced by the esteemed Charles Roven, promises to be a cinematic spectacle, marking Pratt’s return to collaboration with Amazon, reports Deadline.

The storyline of Mercy, penned by Marco van Belle, unfolds in a near-future society grappling with a surge in capital crimes. Pratt steps into the shoes of a detective accused of a brutal crime, thrust into a riveting quest to prove his innocence.

This venture marks Pratt’s second stint with Amazon, following the success of The Tomorrow War, which became a streaming sensation during the pandemic.

Pratt and Bekmambetov reunite after their collaboration on the 2008 blockbuster Wanted, underscoring the anticipation for the dynamic synergy between the actor and director.

Sci-Fi Thriller Mercy

Charles Roven, fresh off his Oscar-nominated success with Oppenheimer, assumes the role of producer for Mercy. The film is set to kick off production this spring, adding another gem to Roven’s illustrious portfolio, which includes hits like The Dark Knight Trilogy and Wonder Woman.

Mercy represents Amazon MGM Studios’ foray into theatrical distribution, marking the beginning of a promising series of titles. Jennifer Salke, head of Amazon MGM Studios, expressed excitement about Pratt bringing this action-packed narrative to life and the collaborative vision of Bekmambetov and Roven.

As Bekmambetov and Pratt embark on this project, tackling themes of artificial intelligence and societal challenges, the audience is poised for an epic cinematic experience. The anticipation is palpable as Mercy gears up to captivate audiences in theaters, adding another milestone to Chris Pratt’s already stellar career.

This collaboration not only solidifies Pratt’s ongoing relationship with Amazon MGM Studios but also underscores the streaming giant’s commitment to bringing high-profile projects to the big screen. As Mercy takes shape, fans can expect a gripping thrill ride that transcends the boundaries of conventional storytelling.

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