Buffalo Bills player suffers cardiac arrest during the match

Buffalo Bills player, Damar Hamlin collapses during the match and suffers cardiac arrest.

The first quarter of the Buffalo Bills vs. Cincinnati Bengals “Monday Night Football” game was called off when Buffalo Bills safety Damar Hamlin fainted following a hit and had to be helped off the field by an ambulance.

The sources have stated that “his heartbeat was recovered on the field and he was brought to the UC Medical Center for additional testing and treatment,” confirming reports from the NFL and ESPN that the athlete got CPR on the field. Currently, under sedation, his condition is severe.

The news was confirmed in a tweet posted by the team.

After consulting with Bengals coach Zac Taylor and Bills coach Sean McDermott, the game was temporarily suspended about 23 minutes after Hamlin passed out.

When the NFL officially announced that the game would be suspended for the evening, Joe Buck, the “MNF” commentator, told viewers that it had been “This has been a jarring scene down on that field as players are watching a teammate and a brother go through intense CPR down on that field.”

Rescheduling plans were not immediately known.

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