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“Black Adam” wakes up after 5,000 years to cause mayhem in Teaser

In the new Black Adam trailer, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson’s titular antihero awakens and causes mayhem.
While Amanda Waller is heard stating that Teth Adam has been sleeping “for 5,000 years” and that the longer it takes him to adjust to the contemporary world, the harder it will be to kill him, the film opens with Teth Adam opening his eyes in a chamber.

Later sequences demonstrate the reality of Waller’s worries as Black Adam kills civilians and throws a chopper just before the film closes with Waller wishing the titular character “good luck.” Black Adam’s destructive proclivities were hinted at in an earlier movie synopsis, which confirmed that Johnson’s character will execute “his distinctive version of justice.”

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Johnson himself had previously discussed Black Adam powers, saying that the character shares Superman’s abilities but lacks the Man of Steel’s sense of morality. “There’s a code Superman lives by and he honors,” remarked Johnson. “Black Adam has a unique code of ethics too. He will not hesitate and I like to have a little fun when I’m explaining this to rip somebody in half. Literally, he’ll grab someone by the neck and by the thigh and then rip them up, tear them apart.”

The film is set to hit the theatres on October 21, 2022.

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