Big Releases for February 2023 on Netflix

Netflix is releasing eight big movies in the month of February 2023

1. True Spirit

Introducing Netflix This February 3rd marks the release of this Netflix original.

When a fearless 16-year-old Australian teen decides to set a record for the shortest solo world voyage, she must confront her deepest anxieties.

2. Unlocked

Introducing Netflix On February 17th, this Netflix original will be released.

In this thriller, an everyday office worker loses her phone and discovers threats all around her.

3. We Have a Ghost

Introducing Netflix On February 24th, this Netflix original will be released.

After discovering that Kevin’s family house is haunted, Ernest turns her buddy Kevin’s family into a social media star. However, after researching Ernest’s past, the pair becomes a target of the CIA.

4. Your Place or Mine

Introducing Netflix On February 10th, this Netflix original will be released.

In the movie, Debbie and Peter, two best friends, trade residences and come to a realization about what they want out of life.

5. Lyle, Lyle, Crocodile

Coming to Netflix: This licensed movie is releasing on February 4th

The story, which takes place in New York City, concentrates on a singing crocodile that is having a hard time adjusting to the busy city.

6. Operation Finale (2018)

Coming to Netflix: This licensed movie is releasing on February 2023 20th

A team of secret agents come to Argentina in the movie’s post-World War II setting to look for Adolf Eichmann, an ex-Nazi officer. the person who oversaw the transportation planning that resulted in the Holocaust.

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