BBC Unveils Trio of Animated Series in Search of British Simpsons

The BBC has revealed three animated series as part of its quest to find a British equivalent of “The Simpsons.” These projects, selected from the Ignite animation program, have received the green light from the broadcaster. The trio includes “Duck and Frog,” “The Underglow,” and “Captain Onion’s Buoyant Academy for Wayward Youth.”

“Duck and Frog” is a slapstick comedy set in modern Britain, characterized by its energetic and anarchic humor. “The Underglow” is a preschool series featuring adorable creatures and characters that come alive to play after sundown. Meanwhile, “Captain Onion’s Buoyant Academy for Wayward Youth” follows Marvin and his friends on their boat-based boarding school, known as the Unsinkable II.

Patricia Hidalgo

These projects were chosen after a rigorous 18-month development process, with producers submitting their ideas to the BBC. Patricia Hidalgo, BBC Children’s boss, expressed her aspirations for British animation, stating her desire for a British version of “The Simpsons” two years ago. She highlighted the reasons behind the selection, saying, “The reason we chose these three is because they all have a clear sense of the audience they are trying to target and a strong creative vision. The ideas, stories, and characters felt truly British and very original but they hold a sense of the familiar which is what usually makes a show successful amongst kids.”

The BBC’s commitment to developing British animation reflects its ambition to create content that resonates with young viewers. These newly greenlit series not only showcase a distinctive British flair but also capture a sense of familiarity that can engage children effectively. By emphasizing the unique blend of originality and relatability, the BBC aims to cultivate successful shows that cater to the preferences of its young audience.

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