BBC Removes Dragons’ Den Episode from iPlayer Amid Controversy Over Ear Seeds

The BBC has swiftly taken down an episode of Dragons’ Den from its iPlayer platform following serious concerns raised regarding a participant’s pitch. Businesswoman Giselle Boxer claimed on the January 18 episode that her product, Acu Seeds, aided her recovery from ME (Myalgic Encephalomyelitis), showcasing unconventional treatments like “ear seeds.”

BBC’s decision to pull the episode came after an open letter from Action for ME expressed worries about the presentation of Boxer’s pitch. The letter questioned the implication that Acu Seeds was responsible for her recovery, potentially positioning it as an effective treatment for ME.

A BBC spokesperson stated, “We’re taking the concerns raised seriously, so we are reviewing the episode and therefore it’s currently not available on iPlayer.”

During the show, Boxer shared her personal journey with ME, emphasizing her recovery within 12 months using a combination of diet, acupuncture, Chinese herbs, and ear seeds. The episode marked a historic moment as all six Dragons made offers for Acu Seeds, with Steven Bartlett ultimately securing the investment.

Dragons' Den

However, ME campaign groups expressed concerns, suggesting that the episode aired on primetime BBC One, potentially reaching a broader audience with claims of an alternative medicine curing ME. ME is a chronic condition with no known cure, according to NHS guidelines.

A joint letter from the campaign groups to parliamentary committees emphasized the need for accurate content and warned against the broadcast of misleading and potentially dangerous information. Action for ME has also reached out to BBC Director-General Tim Davie to voice concerns about the controversial episode.

This swift response by the BBC reflects the gravity of the situation, signaling a commitment to scrutinize content for accuracy and avoid potential harm caused by misinformation.

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