Bake Off: The Professionals Turn Out to Be a Stale Recipe in Need of Fresh Ingredients

As summer TV schedules roll out, Bake Off: The Professionals trudges into its seventh season, and one can’t help but wonder why we’re still being served this stale, bland bun. Channel 4’s decision to keep this show on the air feels like a desperate attempt to fill a Monday night slot rather than a genuine effort to entertain.

This iteration of the Bake Off franchise, featuring professional bakers, fails to capture the charm of its amateur counterpart. The contestants, arriving in six pairings, are given no time to showcase their personalities.

The judging panel, with Cherish Finden’s harsh bark and Benoit Blin’s stern demeanor, lacks the warmth and friendliness viewers have come to expect. Blin’s comparison to Fred Sirieix falls flat as he misses the mark on amiability.

The hosting changes haven’t helped either. Tom Allen, who brought humor to the first series, has been replaced by Ellie Taylor, whose attempts at wit often miss the mark. Thankfully, Liam Charles, a former Bake Off winner, provides a glimmer of hope with his charm and enthusiasm.

Bake Off: The Professionals

The challenges themselves offer little to reignite interest. The batch baking task this week, featuring tarte aux fraises, yielded lackluster results. One baker even admitted, “What we have produced is nothing we’d serve to anyone, including my cat.”

The showpiece challenge, a trompe l’oeil pecan pie with a musical theme, was more engaging, but still failed to impress the judges. Despite some impressive creations, the overall execution felt dated.

Comparing Bake Off: The Professionals to other baking shows highlights its shortcomings. Netflix’s Is It Cake? and Baking Impossible push the boundaries with their outrageous concepts and innovative challenges.

Baking Impossible, in particular, combines baking with engineering, resulting in creations like an edible mini-golf course and a remote-controlled boat. These shows have moved forward, while Bake Off: The Professionals remains stuck in the past.

The dialogue is often cringeworthy, adding to the show’s dated feel. Lines like, “Flo is running out of time to make the extra gingerbread needed to complete the accordion concertina,” leave viewers scratching their heads rather than feeling engaged.

In an era where TV audiences crave innovation and excitement, Bake Off: The Professionals fails to deliver. It’s time for Channel 4 to reconsider its recipe and perhaps serve something fresher, more dynamic, and truly worthy of the Bake Off name.

M. Osama Asghar

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