Amazon Prime’s Mr. and Mrs. Smith Skyrockets to No. 4 in 3 Days

In a streaming showdown, Amazon Prime’s reimagining of the classic film, Mr. and Mrs. Smith, boldly enters the ring, securing the fourth spot on Nielsen’s streaming rankings. The series, headlined by the dynamic duo Donald Glover and Maya Erskine, flexes its streaming muscles, amassing a staggering 964 million minutes of watch time within its inaugural three days.

Variety reports that this power-packed performance places it behind only the formidable Griselda, the Netflix miniseries featuring Sofia Vergara, which dominated the charts with an impressive 1.7 billion minutes watched during its premiere week. Mr. and Mrs. Smith holds its ground against longstanding streaming champions: Young Sheldon and Bluey, claiming positions ahead with 1.3 billion and 1.4 billion minutes, respectively.

Distinguished as the sole streaming original breaking into the Top 10 during this viewing window, Mr. and Mrs. Smith stands tall alongside Griselda.

Mr. and Mrs. Smith

The competition among streaming regulars intensifies, with familiar faces like Grey’s Anatomy, securing the fifth spot with 958 million minutes, The Big Bang Theory at sixth with 750 million minutes, and NCIS at seventh with 689 million minutes.

Breaking the mold, the ninth spot is claimed by the emotional rollercoaster This Is Us, recently gaining traction in the Top 10 after its addition to Netflix. As the battle for streaming supremacy rages on, Mr. and Mrs. Smith has undeniably made its mark, proving that fresh takes on beloved classics can captivate audiences and carve their niche in the ever-expanding world of streaming entertainment.

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