AFC Richmond Women’s Team: Ted Lasso’s Next Winning Spinoff?

As Ted Lasso’s third season bids farewell, fans are buzzing with excitement over the potential spinoff centered around the AFC Richmond Women’s Team. The idea gains momentum with stars Hannah Waddingham and Juno Temple, who play Rebecca Welton and Keeley Jones, expressing enthusiasm.

The duo’s dynamic friendship, a highlight of the show’s earlier seasons, took a backseat in Season 3 due to narrative twists. A spinoff, however, could reignite the magic and provide a fresh perspective, aligning with the growing interest in women’s football worldwide.

The BBC reports record-breaking global viewership for women’s football, with over 365 million tuning in for Euro 2022. The National Women’s Soccer League’s success in the U.S. and the historic economic impact of the Women’s World Cup in Australia further highlight the surging popularity of the women’s game.

Ted Lasso itself has played a role in boosting soccer’s appeal, with Apple’s 10-year partnership with Major League Soccer coinciding with the show’s third season. While Apple’s Senior Vice President of Services, Eddy Cue, downplays Ted Lasso’s influence, the timing appears more than coincidental.

Waddingham and Temple’s excitement about the potential spinoff adds fuel to the speculation. The prospect of exploring women’s football, delving into the formation of the AFC Richmond Women’s Team, resonates with the show’s ethos of empowerment and belief.

Despite Waddingham’s reservations about a Rebecca-centric storyline without Ted Lasso, the groundwork laid throughout the series suggests otherwise. The show’s exploration of young girls inspired by role models in football, such as Rebecca, hints at the rich storytelling potential of a women’s team-focused spinoff.

As Ted Lasso proved, the right ingredients can create a winning formula. Here’s hoping Rebecca and Keeley get to showcase their winning spirit on the pitch soon!

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