ABC Considers Expanding ‘Only Murders In The Building’ Beyond Hulu

The laughter-filled mystery of ‘Only Murders In The Building‘ might not be confined to Hulu’s streaming realm, as ABC eyes the possibility of bringing it to linear television. The comedic trio of Steve Martin, Martin Short, and Selena Gomez has charmed audiences on Hulu, and ABC is intrigued by the idea of extending its presence on the traditional broadcasting platform.

Craig Erwich, ABC and Hulu chief, expressed openness to the idea during the TCA press tour, emphasizing the synergy between the two networks. Erwich highlighted the strategic move to air ‘Only Murders‘ on ABC, tapping into its broad, comedic appeal that aligns seamlessly with the network’s brand.

Despite the show’s popularity, the decision to introduce it to a broader audience on linear TV was driven by the belief that many viewers had yet to discover this gem.

Only Murders In The Building

While concrete plans for the second season’s broadcast on ABC remain unclear, Erwich praised the successful experiment of pairing ‘Only Murders In The Building‘ with another hit comedy, Quinta Brunson’s ‘Abbott Elementary.’ The positive response and audience engagement indicate a promising path for such dual-platform endeavors.

Co-created and written by Steve Martin and John Hoffman, the first season follows three crime-obsessed strangers as they navigate a real murder mystery within their Upper West Side apartment building. The show’s unique blend of humor and suspense has earned it multiple seasons on Hulu, with a fourth already in the pipeline.

As ‘Only Murders In The Building‘ continues to captivate audiences, the prospect of its laughter echoing through the corridors of traditional television adds an intriguing twist to its success story. Stay tuned for more updates on whether ABC opens its doors to these amateur sleuths and their comedic escapades.

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