1923’s Helen contributed a significant element to Cara

Following the conclusion of the first season of 1923, actor Helen Mirren confesses she made a substantial contribution to her character Cara Dutton.

Helen Mirren admits that she played a crucial role in Cara Dutton’s appearance in the Yellowstone prequel spinoff series, 1923 (Ben Richardson). Mirren plays Cara, the strong, no-nonsense Irish matriarch of the Dutton family, in this prequel to Yellowstone that takes place 100 years before the main show’s events.

Mirren acknowledges that she made a significant contribution to her 1923 role. The actor explains that Cara’s ethnicity was modified at her request, she was not born in Ireland. She intended to quietly emphasize the contribution that immigrants made to American society at the turn of the past century.


Just being an immigrant gives Cara’s character a deeper level, according to Mirren. Her accent suggests a lengthy, arduous journey to get where she is by the time she is presented in 1923, even without a detailed history. This little but important element highlights Cara’s tenacity and obvious assurance in the face of attempts to forcibly remove the Duttons from the Yellowstone property.

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