Where was Twilight Filmed – 10 Most Famous Twilight Film Locations

An ecstatic and decidedly unorthodox romance between Bella and Edward is the most famed vampire love story. The widely popular movie-series is based upon the best-selling novel by Stephenie Meyer. The story is based upon Bella Swan who moves to Forks, a small town in Washington and ends up falling in love with Edward Cullen and some other interesting characters. The plot of the film is based on high school teenagers and it showcases some epic natural beauty with lodges, café, school streets, etc. We have incorporated a list of locations that were shown in the movie that were shot in real locations as mentioned below.

10 Most Famous Twilight Film Locations

If you are a twilight fan, then this article will provide you with some of the most exciting information regarding the Twilight filming locations. Keep reading to find out more! 

1. Craver Cafe

As mentioned in the series, “The Lodge” which was used as a casual dining place in Forks is the Craver Café located in Craver, Oregon. One famous scene from this set is of Bella and Edward talking over the porch after their first date. The table and chair used in filming the scene was then made a part of the café by the owner. 

2. The View Point Inn 

Located 22 miles from downtown Portland in Oregon, there are several scenes of the Twilight series filmed in The View Point Inn including the scene where Bella and Edward watch the sunset together and the prom scenes. The unfortunate news is that a fire took over this building in 2011. 

Vernonia, Oregon (a.k.a. Forks, Washington)

The place that surely needs to be on your list while exploring the town where Twilight was filmed, Vernonia, Oregon was used as Forks, Washington for filming. This perfect scenery for a vampire movie series was used as Fork Police Station. Not only this, the house in Forks where Bella and her father were seen living is almost 20 miles east of this same location. 

3. Kalama & Madison High School (a.k.a. Forks High School)

Forks High School where Bella Swan studied was actually a mix of two different schools – Kalama and Madison High School. The exterior shots seen in the series were filmed at Kalama High School, whereas the cafeteria scenes took place at Madison High School in Portland. 

4. The Oregon City Mill (a.k.a. Grisham Mill) 

An aerial view of Willamette Falls and the former Blue Heron paper mill. The Confederated Tribes of Grand Ronde marked the beginning of on-site work at the mill on Tues., Sept. 21, 2021. Demolition of one of the mill’s buildings was started. The tribes acquired the property in 2019 and plans on restoring the site ecologically while also creating mixed-use development and public gathering spaces.

Located 15 miles South of Portland, Oregon over the Willamette River, this is the location where the scene of James Coven attacking and killing a security guard on the Grisham Mill was shot. Being a historic building, the mill gives breathtaking views of the nearby surrounding areas. 

5. Vancouver, British Columbia 

Downtown Vancouver used as a stand-in for Seattle, this is where Bella is seen parking when she goes to meet J. Jenks. At the end of Beatty Street there is a recognizable landmark called the Sun Tower Building, a few steps away from the underground Stadium-Chinatown Skytrain station. This location is seen in different scenes including the one in which Rosalie runs into Royce King and his friends in Rochester and Edward’s flashback scene. 

6. West Vancouver (a.k.a. Cullen House, WA) 

The Cullen House witnessed in New Moon only is located in West Vancouver, British Columbia. The location was mostly used for filming the cliff diving scene in which Victoria dives into the ocean after being chased by werewolves. 

7. Paramount Theater, New Westminster, BC (a.k.a. Port Angeles) 

The scene in Twilight series where Bella, Jacob and Mike Newton walk over the street to watch the movie “Face punch” and the scene in which Jessica and Bella walk over the same street and Bella leaves Jessica behind taking up a motorcycle, both were filmed at the Paramount Theater.  

8. Ridge Theater, Vancouver, BC (a.k.a. Port Angeles) 

The location where the theater scene in New Moon was filmed is the Ridge Theater. The scene where Bella, Jacob and Mike Newton were seen sitting in the front row seats to hear gun battles and the scene where Mike fell sick and was rushed to the men’s room were shot in the same place. 

9. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil 

The honeymoon scenes in Breaking Dawn – Part 1 was shot at Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The shots filmed here also included the landmark Cristo Redentor statue and Carioca Aqueduct where Bella and Edward are seen coming out of a taxi and dancing their way in a street party at 77 Avenida Mem de Sa. 


Putting it all in a nutshell, the popular Twilight series were surely filmed in some of the most amazing and interesting locations. We hope, reading through this article, you got to know some new facts about these places that would help you explore them right during your visit. 

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