Where to watch ‘A Christmas Fumble’ from anywhere

The holiday season is one that everyone enjoys, and there are a lot of movies, TV shows, and music albums about it. With great pleasure, we can now exclusively unveil the movie’s official trailer and key art. A Christmas Fumble is set to release on December 10, 2022. The OWN holiday movie follows a crisis management expert as she takes on the most difficult case of her career: helping her ex-lover, the former professional footballer Jordan Davies, deal with the fallout from a major scandal, with Eva Marcille and Devale Ellis in the lead roles. If you’re curious to know where to watch A Christmas Fumble from anywhere then this article is a perfect guide for you.

What is the release date of A Christmas Fumble?

A Christmas Fumble will premiere on Netflix on December 10, 2022.

Where to watch A Christmas Fumble online?

The comedy film will premiere on the streaming platform OWN on December 10, 2022.

What is the plot of A Christmas Fumble?

Nicole Barnes (Eva Marcille), who is known as the “queen of crisis management,” is given the hardest job of her career when she is asked to deal with a scandal involving Jordan Davies (Devale Ellis), a former pro football player who now works as a TV commentator. Davies’ network contract is not going to be renewed because of a violation that happened when he was in college. 

Nicole, however, does not tell Jordan that she and he used to date, creating a potential conflict of interest that could derail her promotion to partner at the company. Nicole, Jordan’s ex-girlfriend and a reporter for an entertainment magazine, has been working tirelessly to repair his reputation, but her fiancé, Jordan, is continuously undermining her attempts.

A Christmas Fumble Official Trailer

Watch the official trailer of A Christmas Fumble

What’s the cast of A Christmas Fumble?

The rom-com movie stars Eva Marcille and Devale Ellis will be appearing as lead roles. The other cast members include:

  • Jenny Itwaru
  • Monica Rodreguiz Knox
  • Lory Mpiana
  • Kiera Meeks
  • Andrea Gallo

What are some early reactions and comments about A Christmas Fumble?

Here are the audience’s early comments and reactions about A Christmas Fumble.

Reasons to watch A Christmas Fumble

Having two black protagonists and two black love inclinations, as well as anything non-stereotypical and novel, is a welcome change. The film is appealing because it depicts a woman in her glory, not because she was given it or because she is beautiful, but because she worked hard to obtain it and continues to work hard every day; this is representative of every black woman. Additionally, it’s exciting to see a former NFL player portray a football player in the film. The trailer featured a football player who was not like the others.

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