New Addition To Conjuring Franchise: The Nun 2 Reviews and Reactions

The latest addition in the Conjuring Cinematic Universe, The Nun 2 has garnered a range of reactions from critics and fans alike. While some praise its chilling atmosphere and compelling storyline, others feel it falls short of its predecessor. Let’s delve into The Nun 2 Reviews and Reactions from various perspectives on this highly anticipated horror sequel.

The Nun 2 Reddit Review

There is a buzz around the Reddit community that The Nun 2 is much more scary with a horror story and cinematography. Below is a detailed review of the movie.

The latest addition to The Conjuring universe is The Nun 2, which follows the character introduced in The Conjuring 2 and its subsequent spin-off, The Nun. Directed by Michael Chaves, known for The Curse of La Llorona and The Conjuring: The Devil Made Me Do It, the film features returning actors Taissa Farmiga, Bonnie Aarons, and Jonas Bloquet, along with Anna Popplewell.

In the sequel, Valak, believed to have been defeated in the previous film, resurfaces and possesses someone to obtain the eyes of Lilith. Irene (Taissa Farmiga) and Debra (Storm Reid) must work together to prevent the Nun from gaining power.

While the first movie was not well-received, this sequel has a more substantial plot, improving upon its predecessor. The mystery surrounding the Nun’s intentions and the quest to understand her motives make for a more engaging storyline. Additionally, there is a parallel storyline involving Sophie (Katelyn Rose Downey) in her school, where the Nun and the eyes of Lilith are hidden in a forbidden room. These two plotlines eventually connect the movie to the Conjuring universe. Despite being an improvement over the first film The Nun 2 is still ultimately forgettable.

What do Tom Jorgensen Say On YouTube About The Nun 2?

In The Nun II, the story moves quickly, so we don’t get to learn as much about its complex mythology as we could have. However, when it comes to the scary character Valak, the movie is both creative and respectful. The story takes place in a school with scared kids, making it even scarier, as no one feels completely safe except Frenchie. Taissa Farmiga and Jonas Bloquet do a great job as Irene and Frenchie, and the director, Michael Chaves, keeps the emotional part of the story important while making Valak even scarier.

What Do Critics Have To Say About The Nun 2?

Following are the top critics who analyze the movie with keen eyes and give their final reviews.

“With its tight script, well-balanced characters, and bone-chilling scares, The Nun II is the first Conjuring spinoff operating at the same caliber as the franchise’s core films, proving that this universe is far from played out.”


“The Nun II is one of the better films in the Conjuring Universe and certainly one of the best spin-off features in the series. Well-constructed, deftly executed scares and a few creative choices that elevate even the more expected frights make this a winner overall. Not only does The Nun II cement Valek as a titan of terror who fills the film’s dark heart, but the character feels more fully realized than ever beyond just looking cool and creepy.”


“Defying the law of diminishing returns, 2018’s spinoff “The Nun” was (and so far remains) the franchise’s biggest hit to date. Ergo enter “The Nun II,” a direct sequel. In some respects an improvement on its predecessor, in others not, this is finally one more good-enough if unmemorable entry sure to extend the series’ life in lucrative fashion.”


“The Nun 2 is filled with jump scares, horrific visuals, and two great storylines that even better when they collide. The actors have great chemistry — new and returning alike — which helps to take the movie to where it needs to be. Valak is scary and this time we get to have a lot of fun with her. There are insane visuals that will stick with you for a while, and possibly haunt your dreams.”

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Final Words

This is a sequel to a spin-off of a sequel that seems to exist primarily for commercial reasons. The Conjuring Universe is incredibly successful in terms of box office earnings, and The Nun from 2018 was one of its most profitable films. Now, the demon nun Valak returns, embarking on a sinister journey through 1950s France, and it’s up to Sister Irene (Taissa Farmiga) to stop her.

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