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The Great Indian Family (TGIF), directed by Vijay Krishna Acharya and starring Vicky Kaushal, emerges as a contemporary Bollywood family comedy. Set against the backdrop of a small town, Balrampur, the film intricately weaves themes of identity, diversity, and familial bonds. Kaushal portrays Ved Vyas Tripathi, also known as Bhajan Kumar, whose life takes an unexpected turn upon discovering his true religious heritage. This revelation sets the stage for a narrative exploring familial dynamics, societal norms, and the complexities of identity in a multicultural society. Lets dive into the The Great Indian Family review.

The Dynamics of the Tripathi Family

The Tripathi family, an epitome of the joint family system prevalent in India, is depicted with authenticity and nuance. Each family member, from Ved’s father, played by Kumud Mishra, to his uncle (Manoj Pahwa), aunt (Alka Amin), and cousin (Srishti Dixit), contributes uniquely to the unfolding drama. Their individual responses to Ved’s revelation are portrayed with sensitivity, highlighting the diverse perspectives within a single family unit.

Exploring the Hindu-Muslim Divide

Director Vijay Krishna Acharya ventures into the sensitive territory of Hindu-Muslim relations. Through Ved’s journey and the family’s reactions, TGIF addresses the deep-seated prejudices and communal tensions that often simmer beneath the surface of Indian society. The film attempts to navigate these complex themes while maintaining a balance between humor and drama.

The Great Indian Family Review

Unraveling the Layers of Identity

At the heart of TGIF is the story of Ved Vyas Tripathi, a character brought to life with remarkable depth by Vicky Kaushal. Raised in a devout Hindu family, Ved’s world is turned upside down when he learns of his Muslim birthright. This pivotal moment propels the narrative forward, delving into themes of self-discovery and the fluidity of identity.

The Great Indian Family Review

The Great Indian Family, defied expectations, especially following the director’s earlier works like ‘Tashan’, ‘Dhoom 3’, and ‘Thugs of Hindostan’. Contrary to the initial skepticism, the film turned out to be a well-made and enjoyable experience. Vicky Kaushal’s performance was particularly praised for his ability to embody his role convincingly. The film, set for release on 22 September 2023, delved into the intricate terrains of religious identity, challenging conventional beliefs about faith and identity. However, it also drew criticism from some viewers who perceived it as a form of propaganda, favoring a particular community. Others appreciated its exploration of secularism and the message that despite societal divisions, we are all fundamentally the same.

The technical aspects of the film, including direction, acting, music, and cinematography, received commendable ratings, indicating a well-rounded cinematic experience. Some reviewers expressed disappointment over the portrayal of certain communities and called for a more balanced representation. Nevertheless, many found the film to be a heartwarming and poignant representation of Indian culture and unity, despite the mixed reactions it garnered. The movie’s impact on audiences varied, with some finding it deeply touching and meaningful, while others criticized it for not adequately reflecting societal realities.

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Vicky Kaushal as Ved Vyas Tripathi

Vicky Kaushal delivers a compelling performance, bringing a mix of vulnerability and strength to his portrayal of Ved. His ability to navigate the character’s emotional landscape, from confusion to self-acceptance, is a testament to his versatility as an actor.

The Great Indian Family Review

The Ensemble Cast

The supporting cast, including Manoj Pahwa, Kumud Mishra, and Alka Amin, deliver strong performances, each adding depth to their respective characters. Their portrayals contribute significantly to the film’s exploration of family dynamics and societal expectations.

Manushi Chillar as Jasmeet

Manushi Chillar, portraying Jasmeet, Ved’s love interest, brings a fresh perspective to the narrative. While her character could have been more developed, Chillar’s performance adds a layer of romantic intrigue to the storyline.

Democracy and Diversity in the Family

TGIF highlights the democratic nature of the Tripathi family’s decision-making process, reflecting a microcosm of Indian society. This democratic approach, while fostering inclusivity, also reveals the challenges and conflicts inherent in managing diverse viewpoints within a family.

Unity in Diversity

The Great Indian Family Review

The film underscores the theme of unity in diversity, a cornerstone of Indian ethos. Through Ved’s journey and the family’s evolution, TGIF champions the message of harmony and acceptance across religious divides.

Vijay Krishna Acharya’s Vision

Director Vijay Krishna Acharya brings a unique vision to TGIF, balancing the film’s comedic elements with its more serious themes. His direction ensures that the narrative remains engaging while tackling complex social issues.

Fans Reaction To The Great Indian Family Movie

Visual Storytelling

The cinematography of TGIF captures the essence of small-town India, with its vibrant colors and bustling life. The visual narrative complements the film’s themes, enhancing the overall storytelling experience.


“The Great Indian Family” stands as a poignant reflection of contemporary Indian society, exploring themes of identity, family, and communal harmony. While it navigates through clichés and occasionally enters the realm of preachiness, the film remains a significant contribution to Bollywood’s evolving narrative landscape. Vicky Kaushal’s performance, coupled with the strong ensemble cast, makes TGIF a notable cinematic experience.

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